1. M113K

    North Wales Indie Recommendation ?

    Hi, New to Mercedes so am unfamiliar with which garage is considered a ‘Go To’ one that isn’t going to charge the earth while still knowing what they are doing etc... Now I’m in North Wales on the far end of Anglesey. So about as far as you can get. Even the Llandudno Official Mercedes...
  2. M

    Changing factory order - reasonable expectations?

    Hi All, My first post - hopefully one of many - nice to meet you all. On May 5th I ordered a new CLA 220, with estimated delivery date of 25th July. After deliberating my chosen spec, I decided to change the wheels I'd selected - originally I ordered the upgraded black spoke ones (+£360)...
  3. S

    My experience with Mercedes Benz of Derby... Advice please!

    Hello, I'm not a Mercedes owner, I'm a Smart owner. However, since this relates entirely to the Mercedes garage, not the car, I thought that this might be the best place to come... This will be a VERY long post, but I really need some help with this, so I think the best thing would be to tell...
  4. M

    Dealer damaged my ECU

    Hi Guys So sorry to start my membership with a problem. I own a 2010 ML350 Sport and it has been fun riding it until recently. Last week it wouldn't close the boot (electric one), wouldn't open the doors with the fob and burglar alarm was going off intermittently. So I took it to a...

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