diesel additive

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    W212 Noisy Engine (OM651)

    Hello. I have recently purchased a 2009 W212 CDI BlueEfficiency (145,000 miles) with the engine, OM651 - my first ever diesel - and noticed that it is a bit on the loud side in terms of engine noise. Having come from a silent Lexus IS250 (Petrol), it sounds like a 'bag of spanners' - even when...
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    2 stroke oil?

    Hi I was talking to a mechanical engineer today who told me that by adding a small amount of 2 stroke oil to your diesel tank would not only clean and lubricate your engine system but also increase your MPG! is it, or can this be true? I have since googled it and there is actually quite a lot...
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    :confused: Merc E Class 2.2 cdi auto saloon 2002, 110k miles. Any experience/benefits of using Oil Flush, Oil Additive and Diesel Additive - for obtaining all the suggested benefits. I am particularly interested in obtaining a good economy - having done everything else (tyre pressures...

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