diesel starting

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    W210 CDI 220 won't start after manifold clean

    I have had a limp mode problem with my recently purchased car. Searching the forum I saw it is a common problem, and is often related to EGR valve. I took it off to clean it, and saw the manifold is packed with black gunk. So I decided to clean it as well. During the disassembly I took off the...
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    250td o ring seals,question please?

    Hi All, hope you can help me,have started to replace the o rings on my 98 202 2.5 td because it's been a bugger to start last few cold mornings.Have done 3 on top the filter,1 at the back and 2 just below.There are 2 different sizes as a point of interest and found 1 seal very square...

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