1. M

    R230 distronic badge

    I have a 2003 r230 sl350 with distronic, the plastic that covers the merc badge is looking a bit yellow, has anyone tried a headlight restoration kit on it and sanded it down etc ? Regards Mike
  2. U

    Part Numbers

    Hello Can anyone recommend a good reference guide that explains MB part numbers? More specifically, I am trying to source a used distronic sensor for a 2008 E320 CDI W211 from a breakers. (MB main dealer new are close to £3k !) My sensor is labelled. LU A 211 540 11 62 HW A 211 540 32 17 FW A...
  3. zedmeister

    SL R230 grill - adding distronic badge

    Hi Does anyone know if you can simply change the centre star to the distronic version on a genuine grill or do you need to change the entire grill? There are plenty of people selling genuine distronic stars on ebay and I was wondering if I can fit it to a standard grill? My car does have...
  4. T

    Speedtronic message?

    Hi, I have a 2002 W220 S320 CDI. Recently on starting I get a malfunction message "Speedtronic - Drive to Workshop!" message. Is this a common fault, or do I need to get it on a STAR machine? NOTE: I fitted a new front numberplate a few weeks ago. I couldn't possibly have drilled a...

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