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    Mercedes left rear door lock issue

    Dear everybody, My Mercedes c180k estate's rear door can not be locked or unlocked by either the key or the console, but if i manually push down the button then close the door, it can be locked. It is not bouncing up and down, but no reaction with key, auto, or central console except a noise...
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    W124 Doors re-lock themselves

    My 1996 E320 Cabriolet has developed an issue where, having unlocked the doors with either the remote or key, the doors re-lock themselves after a short period. My local independent has checked the vacuum pump and hoses and can't find a leak. I'm wondering if a faulty door/boot/fuel cap...
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    B Class rear door lock

    Hi Guys, Does any body have any tips or tricks to open a rear B Class merc door whose outer door handle is broken and the kiddy lock is on??? I have the door panel off and the inner panel but still having no luck. Gary

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