door mirror

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    W211 RHS door mirror random movement

    Hi, The driver's (rhs) door mirror on my w211 e class has developed a mine of its own . It will be fine for ages then will, for no apparent reason, tilt itself up as far as it will go and the door controls won't bring it back down. There also seems to be an issue with the heating on that...
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    W215 door mirror replacement

    As some of you may know, I carelessly smashed the shell of my 215's passenger door mirror the other day. I've sourced a new one, on the Bay. Can someone please tell me if it is the correct item to fit my motor..? Many thanks all in...
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    CL500 C215 door mirror trim sourcing

    Hi guys, On my newly-acquired 'W-reg CL500, the list of small jobs continues to grow. Latest is the door mirror gaskets/ trim, the rubber part that the front door glass runs up into/ On mine, the passenger window has "sliced" into this trim. I have 2 choices... 1. Glue a strip of innertube...
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    W169 Door Mirror Indicator Bulb - False warning

    Immediately after starting our 2005 A Class a warning appears that the left hand door mirror indicator bulb has failed. If one then turns the left indicator on it works perfectly and the warning doesn't appear again until the next restart. The car is fitted with folding door mirrors which...
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    C220 CDi 2000 W202 Door Mirror Question

    Hello - On my 2000 C Class 220 CDi RHD the passenger door mirror has the split mirror surface, part of which has a convex curvature to increase the field of view and eliminate the blind spot. The drivers side mirror doesn't have this. Is it possible to get a replacement mirror (glass only) to...

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