door mirrors

  1. C

    Door mirror glass

    Hi chaps, Are the door mirror glass refittable? I dislodged mine replacing the cover and now can't get it to clip back on... Help please!
  2. K

    W203 Elec Folding Door Mirror- NOT Memory.

    I'll stand to be corrected but I think this is referred to as the 9 Pin. I'm looking for a replacement for the N/S (L-H). I've had the cover off and the glass out and it looks like what has happened is that at some stage the mirror has been forced and the 'gear' has not only disengaged from...
  3. PovertySpec

    Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Part Number?

    Can anyone source a part number for the above, please? Or tell me how I could go about it. I can't readily find the part on the .ru site let alone the correct part number :( I want to retro fit one to my Merc but don't want to just have a wild punt on eBay and end up with the wrong one...

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