dpf faults

  1. R

    Help please! - 2021 New GLA DPF regeneration problems/issues... reject the car?

    Hello Hoping someone can help with an issue I've got as the dealership want to wash their hands. I bought a new GLA 220d in the middle of May and a week later my wife noticed a very strong burning smell coming from the engine compartment after the school run (a 32 mile round trip on mainly...
  2. T

    C204 2011 Exhaust Back Pressure & Boost Pressure Sensor

    Hi guys, I’ve recently bought my 2011 C-Class C220 CDI Coupe. Everything works fine until yesterday the Engine Management Light came on, so I sent the car to my local Halfords to check it and then two error codes were found (P047128 & P024028), which indicates that the Exhaust Back Pressure...
  3. PaulOD

    Hole Blown in Intercooler Pipe Now DPF code and engine Light On

    Hi All 2012 W212 220cdi Sport, 130k with full history, A few weeks back the Mrs was driving and noticed the engine light on, when I checked I could hear the air escaping on boost, put it on the lift and seen a 2 inch hole on the Intercooler pipe, so I ordered a new pipe and fitted it, checked...
  4. E

    Help PLEASE, DPF problems maybe

    Hi all, I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment, both financially and mentally; not to mention emotionally drained. I own a Mercedes C250 Efficiencyblue 2.2 CDI A brief run down of problems: 1. Car starts to crank for long periods in the morning before starting, but starts. 2. One...
  5. GAD Tuning LTD

    Sports DPF - GAD Tuning

    GAD Sports DPF systems are NOW available for the following engines - 250 CDI - 350 CDI - 3.0 V6 Sprinter - Vito - 320 CDI - 220 CDI - 300 CDI - 270 CDI - 280 CDI Sports DPF systems for the above vehicle are a solution for DPF Faults / DPF issues and for improvements to...

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