1. S

    Rear consumer battery dying overnight

    Hi everyone! Car: 2005 SL500 75K miles. Prerequistes: Excellent condition. Recently, 'Consumer' battery dies overnight. CTEK Mercedes charger only gets to 3 lights overnight. Battery is tested good and 1 year old. Front seats have sealed vacuum lines and DO NOT cause PSE pump to constantly...
  2. B

    Service advisory Blocked bulkhead drain

    Just been advised that my Bulkhead drains are blocked on E Class Cabriolet E220 CDI SE. Is this something that I can resolve myself or will I need to book the car in for Mercedes to sort out. Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    Battery Drain with odd symptoms SLK 200 1.8 2006

    The alternator was 'leaking' and has been replaced. This reduced the drain to 1.7A when locked. Curiously, when unlocked, after 30s, the drain drops to 0.5A. But, after 20 minutes, it increases to 1.7A. The battery is good and even after 24 hours will just about start the car. The temporary drop...
  4. ady74

    A Deaded Drain on w211

    Opinions on my 2005 W211 petrol Merc. It has a intermittent Drain it can go for 5days and not drain then it can drain in a hour!!!! Its had a new battery and my Mercedes garage put a meter on a few times and showing no drain and nothing showing on the Star. He suggested it is a high chance its a...
  5. K

    My first W124

    Hi there, W124 300D, 1991 -this is my treasure, always wanted one and finally got one :) But she is not without her problems. The most urging one I would like you, experts to help me with is water collecting in the footwells. I checked four drains along the windscreen, they're not clogged or...
  6. B

    Vito 638 112CDI Fuel draining back to tank.

    Any words of wisdom on where to start? My Vito 638 112CDi 2002 has developed a problem starting some mornings. Starts fine once been running. The fuel filter has an air bubble that appears in one of the lines after a few minutes of engine stop and slowly grows. The filter has three pipes at...
  7. H

    ML270 W163 Battery Drain

    My 2002 ML270's battery drains within a day. The battery has been tested to be good and is also reasonably new. I think I have isolated it to the culprit. When I switch of the car I can still hear a motor running inside the cabin in the dash. I then did the battery draw test which was running...
  8. E

    V220 suspension my first post

    I've just bought a 2003 v220cdi it's in really good condition albeit rather grubby, pictures to follow It looks like the air suspension is renewed and operating as intended . But... It's so nosey over anything other than smooth road surfaces like new motorway or car park Tarmac. There are some...
  9. F

    Electrical drain

    V280 98/99 - what is the expected milliamp drain on standing please? Mine drains at 200ma which seems high and I periodically have problems with a flat battery. If this is too high, any suggestions on what may be causing it.
  10. P

    Air Manifold Heater - draining battery

    hi, i am newbie on this site and have just been reading threads on battery drainage. i have a 30amp/h drain on my C220 CDI at the moment which my mechanic has, after five days, diagnosed as being a fault in the air manifold heater. Most of the threads i have read on battery drains refer to a...
  11. R

    Electrical Drain

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a 1983 300D Turbodiesel. Has run very well and only 145,000 miles on it. I was having electrical problems, had the voltage regulator replace, and replaced the battery, as it had been strained from the...
  12. V

    W124 central locking issue - electrical drain

    Wonder if you guys (and girls?) might be able to help with this. My car has an electrical drain which will flatten the battery in about a week. Having gone through the fuse box with care, the only two circuits with any draw when "all off" are the clock and the central locking circuit. Now...

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