drive train

  1. walshy66

    W140 S-Class I need to remove a rear half shaft. Any Help Please?

    Noticed the ABS light on and a quick inspection revealed the problem. The ABS 'reluctor' ring had split on the rear drivers side. No easy fix I presume apart from getting the half shaft out and replacing the ring. Just looking for some tips on how to do this and is a special press tool...
  2. O

    Vario 814D 2001 Drive Train Vibration Problems

    2001 Vario 814D drive train vibration problems. The vehicle referred to is a 2001 low mileage, circa 100,000 miles extra LWB Vario 814D in the throws of being converted into a motorhome. I am being quite fastidious with the conversion and naturally with its mechanical condition too. It is/was...

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