1. Tony Perry

    Help! Hole near Oil cap spitting out Diesel!

    My 2010 C350 was shaking quit a lot and I decided to check under the bonnet to investigate further... that is when I found a cover had melted close to my oil cap and after I dug out the debris and cleaned it up I could then see a hole. When I turned the ignition on it started spitting diesel and...
  2. Irresistance

    W210 - ESP sometimes engages on curves

    Hello, I am having a problem recently with my E320 CDI W210 Estate... occasionally, the ESP will engage (I think on rear left) for a brief moment (up to 1 second) when I am making a sharp-ish turn to the right. Very sometimes, also on a straight road. Now - I have read a few theories: 1)...
  3. T

    c270d loud whine from drivetrain

    Hi. Hope someone can help. I recently bought a 2002 C270 auto diesel saloon with 160K on the clock. Really enjoying it until yesterday when driving along motorway. Car gave a judder then started to whine loudly from the rear somewhere. Managed to drive home and car seems ok on a light...

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