1. bertg

    HeadLamps For Europe B Class 2013 W246

    Planning a long drive to Italy in our B Class 2013 W246. Any info regarding headlamps etc and essentials i should have in the car would be gratefully appreciated..
  2. C

    Mercedes Brooklands Driving Experience

    Hi Fellow Members Considering booking an hr or half-day AMG driving experience at Brooklands with some friends. Im interested if any of my fellow forumers have taken part in the experience and what was there viewpoint.
  3. D

    Mercedes Benz B class driving position

    Anyone else finding the driver's seat of the B class difficult to be adjusted correctly? No matter how hard I try it just doesnt seem to be right. Sometimes i feel that I'm seated too high or too low, sometimes too close or too far and the steering wheel never is at the right place. I also...
  4. D

    The Long Ride - drivers and riders needed

    I hope no one minds me putting this up, I think most people here are interested in driving, so here goes. Thanks for reading Denis The Long Ride 2010 is a proposal to ride a combination of two cattle trails of the 1860’s - 70’s, specifically, the Goodnight-Loving and Western...

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