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    C Class DRL issue - constant dim glow

    Hi, wondering if you can help. I have a 2011 C Class Saloon, and the passenger side DRL is constantly glowing very dimly. This has happened previously around 6 months ago, and both DRL units were replaced by my local dealer under warranty. This seemed to resolve the problem at the time...
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    DRL and Pedal Box W204 FOR SALE

    Hi guys, I have unfortunately had to sell my C250 so here we have a couple of items forsale. LED DRL for AMG Sports Bumper LED DRL on eBay There is a fitting guide here... Pedal Box / Throttle Controller Pedal Box / Throttle Controller on eBay
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    Results - eBay DRL's Fitted to W204

    Ordered some aftermarket DRL's for my C250 half expecting to send them back after looking at them but these turned out to be pretty good so thought I would share. They took around 45mins to fit, longest part was deciding how they should operate, when they should come on, dim and switch off...
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    What LED bulbs for DRLs

    Hi I want to upgrade my current DRL bulbs to LEDs, The Cars a C207 2010 with the round DRL not the hockey stick type. The current bulbs just look to yellow so thought i would go for a decent LED. Anyone changed theres? What bulbs do i need, i know i need canbus to stop errors Are the...

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