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  1. grahamwoodward

    Playing MP3 files in DVD player W211 E-Class Comand NTG1/2

    Hi - not a problem as such, but hopefully some tips and advice that may help others. I've been having problems getting the DVD player in my Comand to recognise DVD data discs containing MP3 files. I made a disc about three years ago and it worked fine, but recently I made a new one and it...
  2. L

    Vehicle DVD Players from R320

    Hi I have two Xtrons DVD Heatrest players finished in black leather (Im assuming leatherette?). They both have DVD players and can also share the same DVD plus they have built in speakers. Currently they are in the middle cabin seats so the two in the third row can watch. I dont see why they...
  3. P

    Navigator firt for W220 1999

    Good day to all! I have a problem trying to buy a new navigation system that fits in my W220 1999. I actually bought a couple of the in the Internet and the advertising was saying that would exactly fit my car but once I got them they did not fit at all. Laterally, and especially on the upper...
  4. S

    Upgrading Mercedes e270

    Hi i currently have a Mercedes E270 W211 Avantgarede which i have owned for some years now, 53 PLATE. The biggest mistake i made was not getting a SAT NAV/DVD player fitted when buying the car. I just have a normal Mercedes CD player with a Radio which came with car. I have recently seen...

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