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    Tailgate on W211, 2007, E Class estate

    The powered locking mechanism of the tailgate sometimes fails, leaving it closed but unlocked. The red warning notice then appears on the dash. Opening the tailgate to the full extent and lowering it by hand sometimes clears the fault. Help please. Leon
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    Noob, looking for a 7 seater e class

    Do we have an faq for eclass estate ? I am looking for one around £10k ?
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    Hunting cruise control on 2006 E280cdi

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone would have an idea what may be up with my fathers car... He recently had two new front tyres fitted and I noticed shortly after that when hi has the cruise control on the car was hunting around. I have now had a chance to have a drive myself and noted...
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    S124 rear brake light cluster

    Hello, Is it possible to just change the lens on this type of cluster? Was washing my car yesterday and have noticed a small hole in the driver's side rear indicator section. Its going for an MOT and I seem to recall cracked lenses can result in a fail. Wasn't there last year for the...
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    Interactive Owners Manual

    Does anyone have a link to the interactive owners manual for a 2007 E Class Estate - 320CDI? Thanks guys Tom

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