e220cdi 2007

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    Blue Smoke on nearly new W211 Facelift E220 CDI

    Hi people. I left the car for 3 minutes on a average gradient slope, with the gear in P handbrake in, engine on. I went inside a friend house. After I went back to the car I got scared how much blue smoke was coming out from the exhaust pipe. I have the car for about 10 days. How it's possible...
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    E220cdi aventgard 2007 cabin air filter location and access

    hi guys I have a e220cdi aventgard 2007 merc I am getting a slight smell when the fan is tuned on for heating or cooling, I think the air filters need cleaning or replacing can any one guide me where the air filter or filters are located and how to access them pls. I have located the pollen...
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