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    Swirl flap motor mockup

    I have a recently purchased W210 220 CDI, which is in a limp mode. I am not sure why, but during my troubleshooting process I discovered the swirl flap motor is not there, and the flaps have been removed, holes plugged with bolts. I understand the motor should be attached to fool the vehicle...
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    E220 CDI (02) Engine Issues

    Hi All As a first time poster, hope someone can shed a little light on an odd issue I have recently experienced with my E220 CDI. She's an 02 plate Avantgarde saloon with around 170k on the clock. I've recently noticed that around five minutes after the start of any journey the engine...
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    W210 E220CDI Diesel Leak

    Hi, my first post, so please be kind. I've recently bought the above car and have been very pleased with it. Recently i've noticed a strong smell of diesel, and after removing the engine cover and checking, saw diesel squirting from the front of the engine (see images attached). Can anyone tell...

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