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    W124 E280 ('95) Drivers Window off track

    Hi all, Out of the blue my driver's side window has started closing off track today. Without manual interference the window opens forward and inwards and sticks about 3" from closed and tilted inwards. The motor and switch seem to be working fine. From full open there is an audible click...
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    Electric windows error

    The drivers side window has begun to open by itself. It can happen while the car is parked and locked overnight, or sometimes repeatedly when I am driving. Sometimes when I am pressing the button to close the window, it is fighting repeatedly to come down. It never closes automatically, the...
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    C Class 2002 electric window malfunction

    Guys I have a 2002 c class avant-garde 270 CDI The front drivers side window has started misbehaving. When I try to close the window it stutters going up then down. Then have to keep trying and eventually it makes it to the closed position. Would like to know: How to remove door panel...
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    Window went down, won't go up

    I have a 1999 220CDI. This afternoon I pressed the button to lower the rear window and it went down. It now won't come back up. I've tried holding down the lock button on the key but it still won't come up. Does anyone have a solution - I'll try to get the door trim off, if there's a way...
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    E220 (W124) Convertible - Suspension / Electric Window Issues

    Hi! I have just bought a 1995 E220 (W124) convertible from the specialist dealer Charles Ironside. So far there have been a few issues with the car - all outwith the dealers control. Perhaps someone might be able to advise me as to why the rear suspension should squeek. I have had the...

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