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  1. D

    Lost power to passenger side windows, mirror and locks

    Hi, This originally happened back in June then started working again for last few months but has gone again last week for a day now for last 3 days. Out of the blue, lost power to the passenger side door windows (front & rear), plus wing mirror, plus locks front and rear. This means I get...
  2. S

    Merc CLK 220 CDI 2006 Windows Issue

    Hi, looking for some help. My Mercedes has been sat for 3 months causing the battery to drain. Now that we have got the car started I can't seem to get the rear windows and front windows to fully close and lock together, it's like they've reset as if the door was being opened. Any help would...
  3. T

    Hi from London and Bristol. W124 electrics query.

    Hi all, been signed up for a while and trying to educate myself about my car. W124 1995 E200, all running fairly smoothly, 170k, quite a bit thirstier than my previous E220 unfortunately but that's not the priority issue. The central locking and window electrics have suddenly gone nuts: started...
  4. PovertySpec

    Clock Wrong & Electric Windows Issue

    I've noticed that the clock in the E Class is 10 mins fast, which is better than 10 mins slow I suppose. It apparently corrected itself 1 hour for BST so that aspect of it is working. Also, I swear that the windows used to go all the way up by themselves without having to hold the button...
  5. B

    Vito passenger window not working from drivers side

    Hi, I have a 638 Vito that has developed a fault on the electric windows. Passenger side window works fine from the passenger side switch but not from the drivers side. Popped the switch unit from the drivers door and unplugged the passenger sides electrical connection. Checked connections clean...
  6. D

    1997 C200 Power Windows

    Hi guys, This is my first post on this forum! I have a 1997 C200 elegance, Ive just replaced the battery trouble is the power windows go down as normal but only go up in stages thats all the windows. It took me 10 mins 2 close the drivers window! Any help on this will be much appreciated.
  7. C


    Dear fellow member, my telephone number is 01953884781, My mercedes 560 SEC 1987 has loss of power between the relay and the rear window of the passenger side. There is power at the switch, the relay is working. Thanking you Casassas Lucas.:p
  8. S

    R107 electric windows failure

    300 SL 1988 Both windows stopped working at the same time. Fuse for each window intact. Any ideas where I start to look for the fault?

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