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    OM603 swap on a W123

    Hi, I've been driving a W123 200d with OM615 and a 4 speed manual gearbox for 5 years now. Its burning a bit of oil and I think I'll have to rebuild it in the future. So, I'm playing with the idea of changing to a more powerful engine. Many do the 617 swap but I was thinking a step furthur...
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    Help, Engine swap, w201 1988 190e swapping 2.0 for a 1.8

    Hi all, I've recently started restoration on my 1988 w201 190e and I have a few questions, Can I swap the 2.0 with a 1.8 without any modifications etc? What's the difference if any in these engines? (this would be a short to mid term change whilst I rebuild the original unit to refit) I've...
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    Engine Reconditioning - Any Recomendations?

    Hi all, 3.0l V6 Vito, following a piston meltdown due to an injector failure (and me continuing to drive for 10 miles) I need either another engine or mine to be rebuilt/reconditioned (melted piston head and damage to the bore). Reconditioning is not an easy job on an aluminium block, and it...
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    W124 OM 602 replacement

    Hi All, I've just joined, having been an Alfa Romeo fan most of my car career, I've branched out and bought an old dog of a W124 with a view of restoring it and using it as a daily runner. It's a 1992 w124 E205D saloon. My first question is, what other Diesel engines from Merc can I put in...
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    CLK55 AMG engine change w209

    Hi all. I have a 2003 CLK55 cabrio, the car is great, other then the long list of faults that keep appearing quicker than I can get them fixed, but the major one at the moment is an oil leak. However yesterday my friend was behind me (he's an ex mechanic) and he said when I put some power down...

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