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    Warning lights on 2003 C200 Avantgarde

    Hi, I have just bought my first Merc. Near the speedo, a warning light has come on- looks like the outline on an engine and is illuminated in brown/orange but working my way through the menu its says no malfunctions. There is also a strong smell as if the engine is running too rich. Could this...
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    W123 CE W210 E55 Engine and box conversion

    Hi guys Having been inspired by this: http://www.mercedes-fans.de/autoderwoche/autoderwoche_artikel/id=795/start=0 I've decided to do an engine swap on the W123 CE I'm about to buy. We've just dropped a modern XJ Jag engine into a 60s Mk2 Jag and also have a lot of experience dropping...

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