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    1998 E55 cuts out after start... Restarts fine Runs Ace

    Well the title sums it up really 1998 E55 cuts out after start... Restarts fine Runs Ace So every 3rd time or so, I start the car from sitting - warm or cold - it will cut out. It can immediately be restarted and there are no other symptoms of any issue It surges down the road just fine...
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    Can anyone assist I have a 2010 Mercedes B200 CDi which has recently developed a fault of the engine cutting out for no reason ,the engine can be re-started instantly, it can happen at any time there is not any sequence , it will go for weeks without a problem and then start cutting out again...
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    Sprinter 2003 cuts out whilst driving and has some problems starting

    Hi all, I having a problem with my 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi that seems to crop up on this forum and others. The main issue is that the engine will cut out whilst driving - usually after having driven the van for while that day (i.e. the engine is warm). When the problem occurs i have to pull...
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    Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI ECU Burn Out And EDC Light On

    Hi, I have a Mercedes Sprinter 51 Reg, problems occurred when my ECU Had burn out when the engine had cut out, and the EDC Light Had Stayed On, i had replaced the ECU Kit,with Ignition barrel and transponder the van had started perfect but asoon as i drove it and the engine had cut out and...
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    Engine and some electrics cut out without notice

    I have an automatic car (ML270) and when driving my engine will cut out, power steering fails and the indicators no longer work. No lights light up on the dashboard. I can press the button for the warning lights to come on and that works. I can put the car into park and restart the engine...
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    Help!BAS warning light and engine cut out SLK 200

    Hello I've recently bought a 2001 reg SLK 200 Kompressor. The BAS ESP warning light comes on intermittently and today the engine suddenly cut out at a junction. Luckily, the car restarted again at the first try. Mileage is just over 32K. I've searched through the forums and have seen a few...

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