engine cuts out

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    W210 2.8 petrol M104.942 sudden stop and starting problem

    So, W210. Petrol 2.8 6 in-line (M104.942) became difficult to start the other day, normally not a problem starting. Ignition on (normal), crank (normal), engine fires very briefly and abruptly stops. Continued attempts initially achieved a slightly longer engine run (maybe 1/2 sec) and again...
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    1998 E55 cuts out after start... Restarts fine Runs Ace

    Well the title sums it up really 1998 E55 cuts out after start... Restarts fine Runs Ace So every 3rd time or so, I start the car from sitting - warm or cold - it will cut out. It can immediately be restarted and there are no other symptoms of any issue It surges down the road just fine...
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    '99 C CLass W202 Engine Shuts Off Whilst Driving And Won't Restart

    I'm currently experiencing a problem with my '99 C Class W202 The engine shuts down completely whilst I'm driving. I bring the car to a stop at the side of the road and I have to wait sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes an hour and a half before the car will start again. I've owned the car since...
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    2003 Sprinter 311 cdi - engine cuts out whilst driving and some problems starting

    Hi all, I having a problem with my 2003 Sprinter 311 cdi that seems to crop up on this forum and others. The main issue is that the engine will cut out whilst driving - usually after having driven the van for while that day (i.e. the engine is warm). When the problem occurs i have to pull...
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