engine vibration

  1. I

    Senior Members input Plz - Intermittent shake, engine light and Eco start disable

    Dear All Kindly advise on your thought on the following symptoms... Car - C200 - 2015 - Mileage 50,000 - Petrol - Purchased under a year ago from Sytner UK and Service B - Major was carried out at the time. The car shake/vibrate/wobble intermittently for 2-3 seconds approximately once in two...
  2. Cobra44

    Intermittent vibration under power

    Hi guys, I've got a really strange problem which is proving difficult to diagnose on my 2017 W213 E Class 200d. Almost on a daily basis the engine will suddenly feel really rough, almost like a misfire. When I try to accelerate it struggles at first, then as I push on through the accelarator...
  3. B

    W203 Engine Rattle at Idle

    Hi All, This is my first post, so not sure where to post it. I have a 2006 W203 CDI. Yesterday I noticed that when I come to a stop the engine seems to be vibrating much harder than usual, causing a buzzing/rattling sound inside the car. It sounds much like the engine is shaking and rubbing...
  4. J

    W639 Vito engine vibration

    Hello, My 54 Reg W639 109 has developed a very prominent engine vibration mainly between 2 and 3 thousand rpm. It starts around 2000 and reaches its worst around 3000 rpm but disappears by about 3500 rpm. It does it in every gear and at every speed and it is at its worst at motorway cruising...

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