1. S

    W204 ESL and MOTs

    Hi, new to forum, having bought a 2014 W204 last July. After the ESL motor sounded weaker I bought and fitted and emulator which all works fine. Question I have is the MOT is due in March, has anyone put their car through test with just the emulator? Emulator makes a very quiet fake unlocking...
  2. D

    Electric Steering Lock (ESL) Problems in W204, W207, W212

    Various Mercs, like my W204 2007 model and also W207, W212, etc. suffer from not starting due to failure of a US$3.57 Chinese motor, which pushes the pin in and out for the lock of the steering. That repair then costs AUS$2,000 plus towing, great! A case of German over-engineering to lock the...
  3. moj91

    W204 ESL/ Electronic Steering Lock... Help?

    Good evening all, I have noticed today that the pitch of the 'wirr' from my W204 Electronic Steering Lock has gotten much deeper and takes longer to complete its function. I read a while back that the motors inside the ESL(?) module fail and immobilize the vehicle suddenly. I'm pretty...
  4. A

    Limp Mode after ESL issues

    Hi all, my C220 CDI 2008 has gone in to limp mode after I had issues with the esl(?) motor on the steering column. I had an issue whereby I’d put my key in and there would be no connection, no lights even when I turned the key. I looked around and found a suggestion to tap the steering column /...
  5. A

    Car not unlocking or key turning in the ignition

    Hi All, First of all I would like today hi :) Secondly HELP I have stored my 2002 C240 (2.6 Petrol) on my drive for some time and now have come to put her back in the road for daily use again. I started her before Christmas and roped up the battery, unfortunately over Christmas I...

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