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    BAS/ESP BIG problem

    Hello my friend. In my ML 320 (W163) 2001 is having a big problem. First, the history is that a friend gave it to me for free. Because he is not using it anymore and at the used-store they were giving him only 800 eur for the car.... NOTHING. . and he thought...I can make somebody happy.... and...
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    w210 1996 e230 saloon ABS and ETS warning lights, no speedo, no power steering

    Hi All, Need some advice please. The warning lights mentioned were on intermittently for a bit and then didn't see them for a few weeks but now they are on all the time. I took the car to my local mercedes specialist which is pmw in epping. They changed the brake light switch but no joy. They...
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    modulator/computer control unit problem

    Hi All, I have an automatic, W reg ML320. (year 2000) During driving 4 lights come on ABS/EST/handbrake and a light which looks like a circle in-between brackets. The Lights come on at random times, low speed, high speed, under braking and sitting idle. The car also go’s into limp home mode...
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    What is going on?! Please Help!! :confused:

    Good afternoon all, Sorry to start my membership to this forum with a plea for help, but I am at a loss as to where to turn and the local garages answer is to just keep replacing parts at huge cost until maybe...the lights go out! So here is the scenario... I have a 2004 ML270CDI that...

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