extended warranty

  1. S

    Sub Frame Issue on 2009 MB SLK

    I have just received the news, while having my 2009 SLK in for MOT, that the Rear Subframe needs Replacing due to corrosion. The MB dealership in Croydon have quoted me over £3k. o_O I thought it was a mistake, but seems this is a common issue/fault After doing some reseach, i am seeing...
  2. CrazyArtLady

    Worth it? Extended Warranty on 2016 E220 Premium Estate

    Hi thanks for letting me join. I got a letter from MB informing me that the warranty on my car is coming to an end. I bought the car used last year. I am wondering if I should bother as the quote from MB for 2 years is just shy of a grand. I drive just around my local area and once or twice...
  3. BRABUS R230

    SL55 Selector Lever Troubles

    Hi All, I am having trouble with the gear selector lever on my car!:( when it is in "park" mode it now takes a while for me to take it out from the park position, when I press the brake pedal I can hear a relay or solenoid click and I can just about feel a click while my had is on the gear...
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