1. N

    W212 Facelift E250 CGI reliability

    I am looking at a beautiful example of a 2014 E250 CGI with 72k miles on it all the optional extras I could ever want and a beautiful spec as well. I am coming from a 2.0TDI Passat and fell in love with the E-Class once I drove a 2010 E350 CDI but decided to go for a petrol instead. My question...
  2. W124131

    [Wanted] Looking for 1995 W124 facelift chrome front grill

    I'm looking for a facelift 1995 W124 chrome grill without damage, rust or dints etc. Just the grill, I don't need the merc star bonnet badge. If you have one, don't hesitate to PM me to discuss a price, I'm based near Manchester. Thanks
  3. G

    C Class 204 Facelift cornering bulbs not working.

    I had a message on my dash saying my right cornering light had stopped working, which it had. I got some h7 5000K halogen bulbs and replaced both the left and right bulb. The error message has disappeared but now neither cornering light seems to work and I was wondering why this is? I read...
  4. Smaltze

    Switching w210 back to prefacelift body

    You're going to think I'm silly, but my body panels on my facelift w210 estate are trashed, theres not a single healthy panel. I actually love the pre facelift look when combined with my big dished wheels and lowered. I have a guy breaking a pre facelift who is offering all the parts i need for...
  5. Taffy7hfa

    [Spares] ML w163 Facelift headlights for sale.

    Fairly decent pair of "Facelift" headlights for an ML, Slightly cloudy but would polish out, otherwise good.
  6. T

    Supercharger not working after warm start SLK230

    Hi, Mercedes SLK230 Kompressor (Spanish LHD) 150,000km from 2000. I believe it is the facelifted version: body coloured handles and indicators in the wing mirrors. When I drive it to work in the morning it drives like a dream. When I drive home from work at the end of it the day, it also...
  7. O

    [Spares] G Wagen Hella Fog Lights

    HELLA FOG LIGHTS -- GENUINE HELLA -- RARE AND DISCONTINUED -- ORIGINAL OPTIONAL EXTRA -- Factory-fitted as an optional extra on models such as Mercedes G Wagen. Will help to give your vehicle a facelift. Excellent condition, no damage to lenses, reflectors perfect. Item as...
  8. K

    [Wanted] Engine for w211 e350 2008

    hi i need the complete front end for a w211 facelift will consider the engine, need bumpers, 2 front wings, spc pump, front sam unit. thanks for your time!

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