1. O

    C Class e350 Hybrid

    Hello all. I have the above model, and was looking to see if anyone (with any Merc Hybrid) has had experience of the charging flap on the back bumper being stuck shut. I’ve tried various solutions found online - lock/unlock with key, WD40, nothing works, resolutely stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Michael F

    S230 Varioroof right flap gear broken

    On my R230, the right side varioroof flap has developed somewhat of a play - no longer stays tight in the folded position. The play motion, though, is small enough that the limit switch remains OK actuated. This condition bothers me however because the end position of the flap with open roof...
  3. H

    ML270 W163 Battery Drain

    My 2002 ML270's battery drains within a day. The battery has been tested to be good and is also reasonably new. I think I have isolated it to the culprit. When I switch of the car I can still hear a motor running inside the cabin in the dash. I then did the battery draw test which was running...
  4. L

    Fuel Filler Flap Stuck - C200 Sport Coupe 05 Reg

    Hi All, Really hoping someone might be able to help me! I made an ordinary trip to the petrol station at the weekend and the fuel filler flap on my car wouldnt open. I've tried unlocking and locking the car a few times to no avail. I have had a look in the boot and found a flap in the...

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