flat battery

  1. Pipemaster

    R129 No accelerator after very flat battery. car runs

    After leaving the battery to go very flat I recovered it with Genius intelligent battery charger. The car starts but there is no throttle response at all and the BAS light is on. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. B

    W215 Flat battery, mechanical key turns but doesn't open boot

    Hi, First let me start by saying that I have gone through a fair bit of reading before this post as seems like quite a few have had this issue, however, so far unable to get into boot. Battery is completely flat and before it went flat there was a constant noise from the car, as if the...
  3. F

    Battery Problem C Class/54/CDI/Saloon/Classic

    I have strange problem with battery. It was perfect and never gave any trouble , one day I parked at work and when came back it refuse to respond at all, called AA and he jump started and said battery looks OK as it taking good charge. I drove 20 minutes to home and when I parked I checked...
  4. J

    HELP! Mercedes Cl500 W215, Battery Draining very quick!

    Hello there, I am hoping i can (once again) pick your brains, to try and understand the problem my lovely Mercedes is showing! I have a w215, CL500 2002. Brilliant car, absolute beauty. However.. If for example i drive to my Mrs's house, ill park the car on the drive, come to...
  5. D

    battery problem?

    Hi All, Once again i find myself in need of assistance! My wife had to get the car (02 mercedes c220 avantguard) jump started in the early hours of this morning (she'd just completed a night shift). She stated that she'd noticed during the night that the interior light had come on (on its...
  6. D

    Flat battery this morning.

    This morning i went to unlock my W reg Mercedes CLK 200 with the key fob, nothing happened. It turned out that my battery had gone flat over night. I didn't leave lights switched on or anything like that, and I've had no wiring done, for example a car stereo. I've managed to get the car jump...
  7. L

    Battery & heating 2003 e220cdi

    This is a recurring problem and results with messages all of which eventually go away. After 10 day holiday car had to be opened with emergency key again and jump-started. Drove 200 mile round trip today but could not get any heat to demist the or heat the car. A new battery has been fitted...
  8. D

    Flat battery boot wont open

    My new battery has died for some reason but I cant get into the boot to charge it. Iv tried the key blade in the boot lock it turns fine but wont open.

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