fog lamp

  1. Thels8

    2002 SL55 fog lamp replacement

    Happy Boxing Day! I posted a thread 10 days or go asking for advice on replacing a smashed front passenger side fog lamp unit on my 2002 SL55 AMG. The helpful replies and other similar threads implied it was gnarly job without removing the bumper (which is pretty involved), so I thought it...
  2. Gkinghorn

    CLK (2008) AMG Body Kit - Fog Lamp Replacement

    Guys , Have had a search around on the internet and here and apart from some limited success about this I still don't think I am 100% sure of how I could , and how easy it would be , for me to remove and re-fit a new fog lamp on my CLK. Found out it was smashed today (offside front) - just the...

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