fuse blown

  1. M

    Radio No reception and Key Fob remote not working (A140)

    Hi Just bought a new to us A140 , it has an aftermarket radio (I think) , it's a face off radio , anyhow the radio works but does not get any reception signal for tuning. The keyfob remote does not unlock/lock the doors but allow the interior lights to illuminate. The reason I mention both these...
  2. C

    R129 SL320 Headlight issues

    My Xenon headlight lense had a crack which let moisture in. The Xenon light and side light now no longer work but full beam does. The light shorts when a new fuse is put in but full beam continues to work. I've replaced the lense and plan to pull apart the light fitting. Planning to dry out all...
  3. W

    C350 (w204) Fuse Diagram

    Has anyone got a fusebox wiring diagram or fuse layout for a c350cdi (w204)? The central one (in front of the gear lever) 12v outputs doesnt seem to work and I've tested it with 2 different adaptors, plus the one in the glovebox still works.
  4. J

    Fuel Pump Relay, Electircs Issue

    Hi All, I need some advise\expertise if you could please. FYI: I know very little about mechanics but am learning :) I have a 300SL and have faced continuing issues with the fuse for the fuel pump relay blowing - the ABS light comes on too. Naturally I then faces issues starting the...
  5. D

    A140 Classic - Fuse 48 Blowing

    Hello, I am a new member so I apologize if this thread is not in the correct section. Please can someone steer me to the right place if so! Thanks. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced it and it blew again. I don't know what this might...
  6. D

    New member with fuse problem with A140 Classic

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and in fact any forum :) I'm a bit unsure of where to post a question about a problem I have. So I'll write it here and perhaps anyone can steer me in the right place. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced...

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