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    Fuel gauge showing incorrect reading help pls

    Hello All I have a Mercedes ML 350 W164. Beautiful machine when all is well. I have a problem my fuel gauge is showing up incorrect. I filled up 2 weeks ago driven 100+ miles or so and the fuel gauge is staying between full and just slightly under full. It’s not showing the correct reading...
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    w124 glow gauges

    Hi friends I have a w124 and I would like to make the gauges glow , make only the letters glow instead of the whole dashboard . I found such gauges on internet but they are all for petrol engine (7000 max rpm) but I have a diesel one (6000 max rpm). So I want to make my stock gauges glow. How...
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    C180 LCD display

    Hi I have C180 1996, was wondering what, if anything should be displayed on the small panel beneath the temp and fuel gauge? Should there be some sort of display or left blank?
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    Tyre Pressure Gauge

    Hello everybody! Tyre pressure is a sensitive issue and most of the ordinary tyre shops have gauges with errors. Which one is the best for non-professional use? How to be sure if a tyre pressure gauge is truly calibrated or not? How to calibrate your own it or check calibration to...

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