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    w210 e320 stuck in park

    Happy New Year! A couple of times recently, our 2000 e320 w210, with only 14,000 miles has refused to allow us to move the gear selector out of park. It appears to be an intermittent problem and the solution that we have found seems to be by pressing the switch that I believe would turn the...
  2. BRABUS R230

    R129 500 SL Gearbox and Selector Lever Issue!

    Hi All, I have a 1991 R129 500SL, it has just reached 70,000 miles, the problem is a combination of things (maybe cause by one) the first issue is when I first start the car and select "D" and and start to drive off the car seems to stay in 3rd gear and never moves up or down a gear even if i...
  3. BRABUS R230

    SL55 Selector Lever Troubles

    Hi All, I am having trouble with the gear selector lever on my car!:( when it is in "park" mode it now takes a while for me to take it out from the park position, when I press the brake pedal I can hear a relay or solenoid click and I can just about feel a click while my had is on the gear...
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