gears not shifting as normal

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    W205 gear selection issues

    Hi there. I have a 2019 plate petrol 9tronic c class. Car has been running great since we got it last August but over the past 24 hours, has been acting strange when driving on motorways at 70mph. Normally at these speeds, it is well up to 9th gear. Usually around 65mph. Was driving last night...
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    W164 possible gearbox problem

    Hi guys, My w164 from 2006, has just passed one more EUKONTROLL in Norway today. The car went today to replace 2 xenon lights that I couldn’t fit, and check if the poor lighting was due to old xenon lights. It turned out it was, and I got the inspection certificate that was pending until I had...
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    Transmission Error Code RPM Sensor 3

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows what the issue is with my transmission. For the last year I have been experiencing a little jolt now and then in the gear shifts and not being able to change to sports mode whilst this would happen and the car would Rev higher than normal, normally this would...
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    A207 auto transmission problem

    Hi I own a 2012 e220 , a207, auto transmission, not sure if the transmission fluid is low as I can’t select gears using manual , also gear changes bit later than usual , can’t even see where to put Transmission fluid In , any ideas , also engine management light has come on during this

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