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    200 CLK W209 broken glove box latch

    Hi guys, I have seen a number of historical posts where people have had the same issue. Would love some advice as to whether there are any alternative solutions other than buying a new lid costing £250.00 Please help if you can..... thank in advance H
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    [Spares] W124 glove box kit

    FOR SALE: W124 E-Class glove box kit. I originally purchased this kit to replace the airbag in my facelift W124 as I never had enough storage space. Everything is here in the kit bar the wood trim piece, which I intended to swap over from my airbag panel. The car is long gone so this is no...
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    Faulty Latch on Glove box - Help!!

    I have seen quite a few references to this problem, although I have yet to see anyone post a solution to this. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? In short I have a CLK 240 (W209) the latch on the glove box does not catch anymore. So am stuck with the problem of an open...
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    CLK W209 Glovebox won't stay shut

    A very happy owner here with my first MB, a 2003 CLK 320. :) Problem is, the glovebox won't stay shut unless I slam it hard. Is it possible to adjust the latch? And if so how please? Thanks very much.

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