1. Mish Salleh

    Hello everyone.

    Hello. I'm Mish from Brunei. I own a MB Viano (W639) 2006 (ver '03-'06) CDi 2.2. A couple of months ago I've sent my car to replace the AC's cooling coil & compressor at the local workshop which was leaking bad. Got that fixed but the sad thing is, when I came to collect the car, I found out...
  2. Joe0675

    Glovebox Light not working

    I would appreciate so help on this one as I'm new to Mercedes. I have recently bought a 2005 C220 CDI - lovely car but the Glovebox Light doesn't work. I checked the bulb and the fuse, listed as no 47, and both are fine. Can somebody suggest where to look next please? Joe
  3. J

    SeekinAdvice for Faulty Glove box. CLK 240 (w209)

    I have seen quite a few references to this problem, although I have yet to see anyone post a solution to this. Can anyone please point me in the right direction In short I have a CLK 240 (W209) the latch on the glove box does not catch anymore. So am stuck with the problem of an open...
  4. A

    W211 Glovebox door rattle

    Hi, There seems to be a rattle coming from the "door" to the Glove box on my 2004 W211. I think one of the plastic clips on the inside of the door has broken off and is now making an annoying noise as it falls left & right under moderate cornering. Can someone let me know how to gain...

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