1. RyanSL500

    R230 roof not going down

    Evening everyone! I recently picked up my 2003 SL500 up from the body shop which was in there for a month. Before it went it in, everything was fine (besides the rusting arches!). I picked up the car this weekend gleaming and when I tried to put the roof down, nothing... well the roof button...
  2. J

    So smooth :)

    My R129 lives outdoors, so today was a good opportunity to put the hood down for winter while totally dry. It always amazes me how well this occasional process goes, dropping the prongs into the holes and then letting the car grip and close them down. As usual, I took it for a spin to ensure...
  3. T

    Leaky seal 2003 SL55

    Hi, With all the recent weather a mediorce problem has turned into a larger one resulting with a wet bum after any long night with consistant rain! The SL has a leaky roof, with water coming in from the driver side roof where the hard top touches the top of corner of the windscreen. I...
  4. 1

    Putting hardtop back on SL 280 107

    I have tried to put the hardtop back on for the first time and am not sure its on properly. The passenger side rear side catch seems to be missing a washer. It is very secure annd not going anywhere, but there is a good 4mm gap around the rear sectiion. Is this the way it should be?? Tried many...

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