headlamp leveling

  1. matty7mk

    Hi guys. Matty here.

    Hi guys. Wondering if anyone has got a answer for me. Is it possible to adjust headlights on my cl 500 2004 so they’re up to European standard? Cheers
  2. Cobra44

    E270 Headlamp Auto Adjustment Level

    Hi Everyone, Just bought a 2003 E270 which has auto adjustment for the headlamps and not the normal wheel next to the controls. The problem is that although main beam is fine, the dipped headlights don't seem to reach far enough and I'm almost struggling to see enough of the road ahead. Has...
  3. H

    WIS info needed please

    I am about to retrofit headlamp self leveling for my HID headlamps including the headlamp washers and Parking assist and was wondering if anyone has the WIS instructions for this and could email me the PDF's as [I] am sure it will make it all much easier that doing it by guesswork :D Many...

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