headlights dull

  1. D

    Mercedes CLA lightbulbs

    Does anyone know where is best to buy Mercedes CLA lightbulbs, both daylight and headlight bulbs. The lights have become extremely dim on my car. I am looking for the white light bulbs. I was told to stay away from LED bulbs as this can mess with the cars computer as it can think the car has a...
  2. Tui Miller

    Dim Headlights

    Hey guys I started my car this morning to find that my day time running lights weren’t working and my low beams were very dim but the both work fun on high beam, any ideas on how to fix this, already changed the fuses, didn’t fix it. thanks guys, can post pictures if need be car: 2001 C240 W203
  3. grahamwoodward

    W211 halogen headlight bulb replacement

    What is the best way to uprate the dipped headlight bulbs on my W211 E-class? The current halogen bulbs give a poor image and are not up to the car's performance. The headlight lenses are not opaque so it must be the bulbs. I've fitted Nightbusters to the main beams; should I do the same for the...
  4. R

    Dull On Dip

    Hello All Just polished my headlight glasses up with toothpaste to get rid of the hazing. I can see a great improvement in clarity. Thought I'd cured my problem. Thing is, my headlights (on dip) are STILL very dull, so much so that I still have to have the foglights on for driving not to...

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