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    Mercedes Benz SLK-300 Hydraulic Fluid for top

    So I’ve really looked everywhere because my top won’t go up, and I’ve heard that one of the causes could be my hydraulic fluid may have leaked or something. Where does one find that at.
  2. D

    Windows rare problem

    hello, I have a problem with the windows in the Mercedes clk w209, the left side of the driver is completely disconnected from the traffic and does not want to work, not even the lights in the buttons. Recently, the driver's window did not close and currently the rear windows are also open, but...
  3. C

    Nuts & Bolts Spec

    Hi There! I’d like some advice please, I’m having aftermarket alloys replaced with originals before I sell. I’d like to be sure of the correct nuts and bolts before I order them. M14, 1.5mm thread, 17 spanner, 45mm length (sound about right?!) Are they radius or tapered head? Thank you! CG

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