1. C

    W215 Cl500 side door opening adjustment

    Well, here's something unusual. Side note first- due to its "garage queen" status I've only had the family in the car a few times, most of its driving so far has been me solo. So- last weekend saw us in the car over to visit my folks. On opening the door for SWMBo, 'cos I'm polite like that...
  2. S

    E350 Estate Tailgate Hinge

    Hi all, I have managed to bend the near side tailgate hinge on my 2012 E350 Estate. Can anyone advise how I unbolt it from the tailgate as I can not see how to get to the fixings. Many thanks in advance.
  3. T

    R230- Replace Near Side Bonnet Hinge

    Hi, Has anyone changed a bonnet hinge on the R230? I've had one of the arms break on mine and wanted to change myself. May seem an easy fix but does anyone have any instructions on how best to do it. It looks like its riveted together so may need some professional tools. Any pointers happily...
  4. J

    Boot cover - no longer rises by itself

    Hi there Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, new at this and wasn't sure. Wonder if anyone can advise on a boot cover issue? When I opened the boot before it seemed the hinges were hydraulic or something, you could let go of the boot cover at any angle and it would not move...

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