1. Silver 300te

    W124 heater blower case

    Hiya, Been looking at threads how to fix the heater blower motors. I just got a replacement, but some guy has cut the case in two, leaving the motor exposed. Anyone know where I can get the case, or what the part number is? Matthew
  2. PovertySpec

    W211 E220 Thermostat Only?

    Anyone have a part number for the thermostat for W211 E220, without the housing? Seems a bit of a waste to change the whole thing. I have the part number for the stat with housing etc but can't find a part number for just the thermostat :confused: VIN is WDB2110082B214302
  3. N

    Air filter housing seal

    The top cover of the air filter housing in my W208 doesn't seem to make a clean seal with the box itself. How important is it for a complete seal to be made? I understand that you don't want dust and dirt being sucked in, I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be air-tight for performance...

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