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    A class indicator flashing purple

    Hi there, i’ve just recently brought a used 2017 a class and had to replace the driver side headlight unit. However the problem is that it all works fine but the indicator flashes purple and i have no clue why. The left indicator functions as normal and i made sure to buy the exact same part...
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    turn indicators don't flash 3 times

    Hello everyone. I just bought my first Mercedes - 2011 model AMG CLS63, so still working out a few things about it. One silly little thing I don't understand is that the manual says that if you push the indicators to the point of resistance (and let go) they should flash 3 times, which is...
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    Brake Pad Sensors

    I own a 2011 C180 W204 Auto estate and recently changed the brake pads because the wear indicator was on and they were well worn. I fitted front and rear sets 'Dephi' pads and found only the drivers side front was fitted with a wear sensor. Is this correct? I had bought four sensors assuming...

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