1. Staunch


    Hi Everyone I could do with a pointer on a MB SPRINTER LWB 2013 with no ABS or ESP telltale lamps working on the dash at all. Ignition on both not working. a quick scan with a verus edge scanner said front Nearside wheel speed sensor faulty and data backed this up as it was saying over 500 mph...
  2. S

    W202 instrument cluster upgrade

    Hello everyone, I recently purchesed a 1998 C-Class C180. It came with the cream fabric seats which I have upgraded to leather. I was lookin @ the white instrument cluster as an upgrade from my black one. Anyhoo my question is could this be done or would I have a problem with this. And anyone...
  3. A

    W140 instrument light replacement

    A couple of bulbs have blown on the main instrument panel are they easy to replace, has anyone any advice as it looks difficult to get to? Thanks
  4. M

    W124 Interior bulbs blowing - why?

    I bought a 1993 W124 E220 coupe a couple of months ago (110k miles) and this forum has been great for fettling advice. But I have now replaced three interior bulbs (two on heater controls, one on auto gearbox indicator light) and now a bulb on the instrument dash has blown. Is there a likely...
  5. M

    defective display message. CLK230

    Hi there am totaly new to this forum so any help much appreciated, I have recently had to replace a instrument cluster for my CLK 230 year 2001. Since replacing the cluster with a second hand one I now get an error, defective display, in the centre LCD. Also I have lost the electronic...
  6. C

    Warning light on Instrument Cluster

    Model: C220 Cdi Automatic 2001 Hey guys, Over the past few weeks i have started seeing a Yellow 'Coil' warning light on the instrument cluster: Anyone know what it is? It just happened to start when i have started hearing a slight squeak when truning my steering wheel. Thanks

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