1. idlerider

    W211 electric woes

    Recently purchased E350 wagon which has, I suspect, been sitting on forecourts for some time. Various items not working and I'm wondering if some of them might be down to a single component. Things not functioning include: Exterior mirrors (not folding) Interior lights Sunroof Panel lighting -...
  2. Top Cat 500

    R129 Instrument Cluster

    I cant find a thread with a similar problem, so has anyone ideas about this one? Instrument cluster suddenly failed except for clock and dash lights Fuse 10 blown "Instrument cluster" Checked OBD codes (the were none a few weeks ago) - it returned P1741 CAN signal from ETC...
  3. T

    Dashboard Instrument Cluster FAIL

    Hi. I know there have been other postings but can someone please point me in the right direction. C200 Elegance 1996. Firstly my petrol gauge went 'wonky' up...down...up and so on. I had battery issues (discharging) so had to recharge/ reconnect it a few times. New battery now fitted...

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