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    Need help Codes p0175 p0172 w212

    I had this e350 engine light come up reading p0175 system too rich bank 2 P0172 bank 1 Took to a mechanic. He though he fixed it when he found a broken throttle lever actuator in the intake manifold. Sadly still the same codes. I decided to take the car back as is because I could see this guy...
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    Missing CDi Intake Manifold Actuator/Motor

    Hi, I bought my W210 CDi 2.2 two years back, Its working all fine but today it was a great surprise for me when I saw a 3 pin connector near backside of intake manifold. I googled and check it thoroughly and by physical investigation I came to a final conclusion that since from last 2 years I am...
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    SL 500 M113 engine intake manifold mystery port causing rough erratic idle / loudness

    Hello forum Simply put, I had a problem with the car (detailed below as it may relate to your problem) and I have found the cause but do not know what part is missing? its the black port on the intake manifold - like a speedfit or pushfit connector? here is a library image. After...
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    ML270cdi (2001) Low Rev problems

    Last month my Mercedes ML 270cdi began driving only at low revs in emergency mode, when taken to my mechanic he had replaced the intake manifold. After about a week, I have been experiencing similar problems but the car now goes into this emergency mode intermittently. Some days the car is...
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    Mercedes 190D 2.5 320K miles, noise at inlet like exhaut blown

    Please if anyone can assist. I have a 1992 2.5D 190, with 1 owner FSH, great car bought in Jan 2009 for £375 and then passed MOT in Aug with no work needed. Superb vehicle. Now done approx 320K miles, but clocks changed a few times, noted in history from Mercedes, so could be 350K miles if I...

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