1. S

    C124 Handover Seat Belt Function

    Hello, I’m curious and wanted to know, from which year is this seatbelt function available and if all coupe models have it, or is it an additional option? Thanks!
  2. K

    interior colour

    Hi. Looking for my interior paint code. Mercedes w210 e320cdi. Thank you for help! VIN WDB2100262B335749
  3. frontstar

    R107 location of ECU

    Having a R107 350SL from -72 with D-jtronic ECU. The car is working OK but now when I do some interior jobs (new carpet-set) I found out that the ECU, which is placed on the passenger side not is mounted properly. It just hang in a lace (yes, former owner's idea!). Is there someone can tell me...
  4. hod05

    E250 fix interior rattle

    Hi I have a 2010 E250 cabrio that has gained a few interior rattles over the last year or so.The door cards squeak as the car goes over uneven road. I'm going to remove both door cards, fix acoustic foam to the inside, put foam tape around all plastic to plastic contact points and fit new...
  5. AnthonyUK

    W203 rear headrest - Is back panel available separately?

    Does anyone know if the plastic back panel is available or will I have to buy a whole unit? This one if from a car with a black leather interior.
  6. SmoothBall

    Between Front Seats Storage Bin Handles

    Hi, In a 2003 W211, the storage bin between the two front seats has two trim-coloured 'handles', one that open the upper storage bin and one that opens lower. Mine have broken—the little plastic tabs underneath that holds them onto the lock mechanism have broken off. Exterior colour: 693...
  7. C

    Interior items refurbishment

    Well I've noticed that the rear seat centre cubby vinyl wrap has become a bit tatty, some nicks on the top edges (child car seat damage). Do any members have recommendations for companies who can strip off the old wrap and refinish? Maybe in black leatherette to match the interior.
  8. T

    No Interior Lighting ML270 w163

    Please help, I've just picked up a 2004 ML270 cdi w163 and none of the interior roof lights work, front middle or back. i,ve checked fuse 13, it's fine and the 3 way switch does nothing. also the switch to allow the car to be towed (in roof panel with lights) does nothing when pressed...
  9. M

    W168 interior lights fuse number

    I disconnected the battery when fitted a new stereo and my interior lights no longer work, I've searched numerous forums but can't find A diagram list of fuses. Even on aclassinfo Anyone with any help would be appreciated, and no there is no paper list in where the battery is :(
  10. J

    Interior Vinyl for W123 280ce

    Hi, I am looking for some navy blue vinyl for some tidying up on my interior. Any recommendations for where to source it? Thanks, James
  11. D

    Replacement gear knob

    Hi, I have a 2009 manual C220 Estate and the manual 6 speed gear knob is starting to flake which is quite uncomfortable to say the least. I'm looking for any advice for replacing it, removing the old one and fitting the new. I'm not keen on getting a cheap Halfords, so any help on...
  12. A

    1972 350sl interior retrim

    Hi I forgot about my old Mercedes 350sl and left it in a garage (embarrassingly for 14 years) whilst I moved away, had kids etc. I went back and got her about a year ago and had everything done bodywork-wise and mechanically too. Looks really beautiful. Now I want the interior done. The...
  13. M

    sl320 w129 door panel and air bag or airbag

    I've seen a couple of guides, e.g. on Youtube, about removing a Merc interior door panel, and they don't seem to worry about the airbag. Maybe on a sedan it's in the pillar or headliner. But in my sl I assume the side airbag is in the door. Am I right, and are there any precautions that need to...
  14. S

    Non-matching steering wheels . . .

    Non-matching steering wheels . . . :confused: Hi All, new here ~ but the 'there is no thread for newbies to introcuce themselves' thread says jump right in . . . here goes . . . Looking for my third MB; ex C220 (petrol W202) owner, currently driving a CLK 320 (W208) ~ which is lovely...
  15. B

    W126 and blue interiors

    Hello, I'm thinking about buying a 500 SEC, seen as though the dream wide bodies are impossible to find.. Unfortunatly any half decent car I've seen has blue leather seats and interiors.. I think blue interiors are awfull. So wondering how much do you guys think a complete interior...
  16. P

    problem with condensation on the inside of windscreen.

    On cold mornings, my c220cdi takes about 5 minutes to demist the water droplets that gather on the interior of my windscreen. This never happened before in 3 years of driving it, but lately it is happening a lot and I am wondering what is causing it ?. Is it just the extreme cold of late or...
  17. F

    CLK Convertible rear headrest rising problem

    Hey guys, I have a Y Reg 230 CLK convertible, and i have a problem with the rear headrests rising when I lower the roof. Iv only just had the car so i'm not sure how to turn it off as it did not do this when i first had it and I think something has been pressed either by me or when i have had...
  18. W

    W129 Sl500 Backrest

    The backrest release handle on my SL500 has stopped functioning. I am guessing that it is cable operated. How do I get into it to see what has broken? Do I have to remove the seat from the car? there is no obvious way to get at the seat internals:confused:
  19. F

    a class interior dashboard kits

    has anyone had any experience with these kits where you can apply iron on sticker type trim to your existing dash to give it a new look, found this one on ebay and was just wondering whether anyone has bought one and thought it was worth the price tag...

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