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    Problem after getting mafs repaired!?

    Hi guys, Recently had my maf sensor repaired by ecu testing in extremely quick time (highly recommended) as the car couldn't build up revs to leave first gear and diagnostics showed maf fault. Anyway put the maf back in today and had the bad/esp fault light as they said it would so got it...
  2. M

    Intermittent starting problem

    Hi all. Im new to the site and have read on here and other forums peoples posts about the same issue I have with my 2007 311cdi sprinter. But nobody has ever posted a solution when they find out what the issue is. It seems a common fault so surely there is a common solution??? ( or am I being...
  3. S

    Alarm on 2004 E Class

    when driving along, the alarm siren intermittantly goes on and off. Any ideas??
  4. N

    ML270 CDI Intermittant Limp Home Mode

    I have a 2005 ML270CDI, I have noticed that the car was going into Limp Home Mode on an intermittant basis. I took it to a MB Specialist and there was no error messages on the car, they said from their experience its likely to be the Air Flow Meter (or something like that, sorry I am no...

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