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    our undriveable van.

    hello people, pete here, we have a problem that even a genuine dealership seems unable to solve, First of all, thanks to anyone that has any suggestions or info, second a brief history of the van, a 2001 amb turbo diesel. it was a patient transfer vehicle,with an complete service history, and...
  2. S

    Help to diagnose bizarre electrical faults

    Hi. I'm a new forum member and would really appreciate any help with an odd collection of intermittent electrical failures on my car. The car is a Feb 2008 W204 estate, C220 Diesel. This winter it has suddenly developed a fault on cold mornings, especially after being unused for a few days...
  3. M

    Total Electrical outage - intermittent

    I have searched the forums for W211 and can't find this issue mentioned. I have a 56 plate W211 320cdi Sport Edition saloon with 55,000 miles on the clock and I do 60 miles a day commuting plus business miles - about 20,000 annual so it is regularly used and serviced. Three or four times I...
  4. A

    2002 W210 E320 CDI smoke problem

    Hello everyone - newbie here so please be gentle... Have found a nice rust-free W210 with my engine of choice - the 3.2 straight six - and all is lovely. I went for condition over mileage so we're in the 150k club. 7 seater to fit all the kids in. Nice. However... sometimes it runs...
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    Intermittent starting fault C230K 1999 Vin:WDB2020242F910191

    MB Member Television computer is down but thinks: This leaves a couple of things, some have the K38 starter lock out relay( where is this located on car?) and these are known to have poor connections on the spade push on connectors or is it the main starting one (where is this located on car?) ...
  6. D

    Mercedes mechanic croydon/purley surrey

    Anyone know of a good mechanic in this area. We have an ongoing fault with our E320 CDI which is making an intermittent knocking noise when pulling away from rest and sometimes from mild acceleration from 20 to 30 mph. Seems to be more pronounced after turning left or right or going over bumps...
  7. W

    infrequent billowing think white smoke

    infrequent billowing thick white smoke Hello all, would anyone have come across an infrequent billowing of very thick white smoke from the exhaust of their Mercedes with apparently no loss of coolant? I took a freind's ML320 yr 2000 (W163 I think) for a long test drive today. At about...
  8. S

    SLK 320 - Engone turns over but won't fire.

    Hi, I have an intermittent problem on my 2001 SLK 320 whereby the engine will turn over and over but won't start. Seems to be when engine has been running. Other occasions it is fine. Have read on the forum about immobilisers, ECU's, fuses, keys etc .... Quite a frustrating problem and I...

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